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Sinbad Xolisile Sizani Foundation marks Human Rights Day with learners

By Afikile Lugunya - Mar 22, 2018
Sinbad Xolisile Sizani Foundation marks Human Rights Day with learners

On Monday, the 21st of March 1960, 69 unarmed people were killed and 180 were injured in a peaceful protest against pass laws at the Sharpeville station. The day was declared as the Human Rights Day in 1994 so that future generations will not forget.

The Sinbad Xolisile Sizani Foundation used Wednesday to unite learners from six schools in Motherwell and various stakeholders from the Department of Health, National Prosecuting Authority, Department of Justice, Department of Education and the SAPS to educate learners about their rights and career choices.

Speaking at the event, founder, Sinbad Xolisile Sizani said that his foundation was there to inform, to educate learners about their rights and empower them to take make the right decision in their path to succeed their careers.

ENqileni Primary School, Gertrude Shope Primary school, Charles Duna, Elufefeni Primary School, Mboniselo Primary school, K K Ncwana Lower Primary School and hosts, James Jolobe Senior Secondary School, attended the event and each school representative received an informational goody backpack.

Nomfusi Mafongosi from the Department of Health warned learners about the dangers of getting pregnant while they are still in school.

She said that in 2016, there were 200 pregnant teenagers that were at the hospital; 26 women died from January to December 2016 and 20 of them tested HIV positive.

Mafongosi further said that between January and March this year, nine women died while giving birth - seven of them were HIV positive.

She told learners that she was informing them of these stats so that they may know that they have a right to choose if they want to be pregnant.

Mafongosi added; “People have a right to get help from the clinic, but they also have to practice to say no when they are given dates that are not suitable for them because the moment you skip your date, you are declared as a default.

“As a patient you must participate in decision making.”

A court preparation officer from the Port Elizabeth Magistrate’s Court, Phakama Mbona, explained all the court processes that take place at the juvenile court.

She advised the learners on the importance of telling the truth in court if ever they are summoned.

“I always thought that children, who get raped are from drunken families. However, my profession has taught me that there is no truth in that,” Mbona said added

“We must all be careful because boys get raped too, and when something like that has happened you must talk so that you can get help as soon as possible.”