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Sisipho Kimati Govuza representing SA at Miss Culture Worldwide

By Afikile Lugunya - Dec 7, 2018
Sisipho Kimati Govuza representing SA at Miss Culture Worldwide

A 24-year-old Eastern Cape beauty, Sinesipho Kimati Govuza, has an opportunity to be chosen as Miss Culture Worldwide, after being chosen to represent South Africa at the pageant that is being held in Zimbabwe.

The competition began on Thursday and is expected to conclude on the 16th of December.

The pageant is about the various cultures that exist in the pinpoint of your fingers. It is also about cultural diversity and traditions and exploring and celebrating different cultures.

Describing the importance of the beauty pageant, Sinesipho said that it is not only about beauty, but is an opportunity for her to learn more about herself, her culture, “as well as exploring avenues I never thought I'd have access to".

“I also think of it as a source for me to acquire more knowledge about my culture,” she added.

Who is Sisipho Kimati Govuza

  • Born in the Eastern Cape, but raised in Pretoria, currently resides in Cape Town,
  • Matriculated in 2011 From Tarkastad High School,
  • In 2009, placed as second princess in her school's Miss Valentine’s Day pageant, 
  • In 2016, was a Miss Port Elizabeth Finalist,
  • Also in 2016, took part in the Miss Hope pageant, and was crowned Miss Hope South Africa in Cape Town,
  • Later in 2016, took part in Miss Hope International, and competed against ladies from Zambia, Australia, Japan, etc., and was crowned Miss Hope International 2nd princess, which has been her biggest achievement,
  • In 2017, graduated from the Pearson Institute of Higher Education, with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature degree,
  • Also in 2017, was a Miss United Continents South Africa finalist,
  • Also during the course of 2017, was a Miss Inspire South Africa finalist,
  • In 2017, took part in the Miss United Nations South Africa pageant and made the top 10,
  • In 2017, started working for an NGO based in Cape Town, which helps local community members that are equipped with home improvement skills to find work,
  • In 2018, was a finalist for Miss United Continents South Africa and World Beauty Queen South Africa, and
  • In August 2018, she was crowned Miss Gugulethu 2018 and now Miss Culture Worldwide Central Africa.

“I am hoping to bring home the crown, as the pageant will take place from the 6th to the 15th of December,” she said.

Sinesipho said that she became part of Miss Culture Worldwide by being selected by a “generous woman, who had bought the pageant licence,” adding that she is very grateful that potential was seen in her to represent South Africa.

Currently, Sinesipho is in the top 28 around the world, which will travel to Zimbabwe to compete for the converted crown and announced as the winner.

“From the pageant, I hope to grow as an individual, be educated about the various cultures and traditions, as well as educate others about my culture and traditions,” she said.

Sisipho Kimati Govuza's motto in life

“My motto in life is 'Aspire, to inspire' and it is that quote that has led me to have such passion for charity work, targeting mostly those that centre around young children for I always says “they are the future of this country, they need help, love, motivation, and guidance” and continues to say, “What are we, without our future leader, doctors and lawyers?”.

“I love to urge people to continue to give others hope and to always land a helping hand."

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