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Six armed suspects swiftly arrested after robbing business on Mandela Day

Jul 19, 2018
Six armed suspects swiftly arrested after robbing business on Mandela Day

 Six suspects are expected in court soon after they were arrested just after robbing a Port Elizabeth business on Mandela Day.

"A suspect was arrested within minutes after committing a robbery and 5 others were also swiftly apprehended within an hour after the robbery," explained police spokesperson, Warrant Officer Alwin Labans.

He said that the Mount Road Cluster Trio Task Team is investigating the case that took place on Wednesday, at about 13:00, at Cash Crusaders in Commercial Road, Sidwell.

"A total of six suspects, three of them armed with firearms walked into the shop pretending to be customers," W/O Labans said.

" According to information, the suspects threatened the complainant and his five colleagues and a customer to lie on the floor. The customer was hit on the head and his cell phone and wallet were taken together with a number of other items in the shop.

"A security guard across the road witnessed the incident and pressed the panic button causing the suspects to flee the scene as ADT Security Company and SAPS, who were nearby responded speedily and managed to arrest a suspect on the scene recovering a firearm, wallet and ammunition."

He added that the other five suspects fled and immediately a manhunt was launched. 

"They were arrested within an hour at Centenary Hall in New Brighton in a silver Avanza and positively linked to the robbery," W/O Labans described.

"All suspects will appear in court soon on charges of Business Robbery, Robbery from a person and Illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.