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Six easy steps to planning and booking your next business trip

By Naija writers coach - Dec 19, 2017
Six easy steps to planning and booking your next business trip

Business trips that are not well planned out turn out to be very stressful and they yield little or no results at all.

Of course, you want the business associates you're going to meet to be impressed with whatever you have to offer, and you want the business trip to yield positive results. So you expend all your energy on the business aspect and forget to take out as much time to plan and prepare for the trip. it then later turns out to be stressful, or worst still, a flop. 

Planning a leisure travel entails a lot; now imagine the extra mile you have to go when the travel is business-related. Here are six easy steps to planning and booking your next business trip so everything can run as smoothly as possible: 

1. Find out about the place 

Business-related travels can get very stressful at a point. Imagine going through that stress and then arriving at the airport with no clue about where next to go, or what kind of accommodation they have there. 

To make your business trip easier, do some proper research on your travel destination, get familiar with their lifestyle or talk to a colleague who had been there before. 

This will help you settle in quickly so you can get to work as fast as possible. 

2. Prepare an itinerary 

The easiest way to ensure everything goes as planned is to have an itinerary. With it you'll be able to touch every important aspect of the trip like knowing where to go, what to do and the specific time everything should be carried out. 

3. Do the booking 

There are lots of travel agencies online that can help you with your travel options. Most travel agencies, like LBF Travel, would have you covered on everything you might be looking for, including the best deals on hotels, flights and even car rental services. Opting for a travel agency helps you to reserve all your energy for the business’ purpose. 

4. Prepare for the trip 

You've done your research properly, found out the best hotels they have there and gotten the best flight deal. 

Next is to start checking off items on your list, making sure you're packing everything. You really don't want to forget the USB drive containing the presentation you want to present, or that important file that will help you seal that long-time deal. 

Be sure to take your time and pay attention to every little detail of your preparation. Also make sure you're travelling light so you don't go through the stress of getting all the bags checked or, worst still, misplaced. 

You can also visit the website of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and note the prohibited items to avoid delay. 

5. Avoid jet lag 

The major challenge most people on business-related trips face is jet lag. Beat this challenge by staying hydrated, drink as much water as possible and stay away from alcohol or caffeine. 

6. Get proper rest 

Your sleep schedule could get disrupted when you're crossing time zones, nevertheless, make sure you relax and get enough rest on arrival. 

This is why you should arrive your travel destination a day or two earlier than the actual business day, so you'll have enough time to rest and refresh your system for the travel purpose. 

Most people find business trips stressful only because they do not plan ahead properly. With the six tips above, I bet you'll start begging to go on every business trip.