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Six heavily armed robbers busted while robbing New Brighton shop

SEPTEMBER 19, 2016
Six heavily armed robbers busted while robbing New Brighton shop

Six alleged armed robbers are expected in court on Monday after they were busted while robbing a shop by the Port Elizabeth K9 Unit, which was on patrol in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth on Friday.

According to Port Elizabeth police, the K9 Unit were patrolling Ngesi Street, New Brighton, and was approached by a shop owner, who ran out of his store and informed them of a robbery in progress.

"A suspect armed with a shotgun ran out of the shop, saw the K9 Unit members an fled on foot.

"The members swiftly gave chase and called for backup while firing a warning shot, but the suspect refused to stop. The suspect then turned around while running and pointed the members with the shotgun," police said.

"The Member fired another warning shot into the air. The suspect ran towards a construction site where he fell and broke his leg in the process. The shotgun was seized and cash was recovered from his pockets.

"Five more suspects were arrested inside the shop. Two shotguns and two 9mm firearms were recovered."

The suspects are detained at New Brighton SAPS.

The K9 Unit members were commended for their swift response and for following police safety procedures by calling for backup that ultimately lead to the swift arrests.