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Six of the most ridiculous internet beauty trends of 2017

By Jesica Slabbert - Oct 10, 2017
Six of the most ridiculous internet beauty trends of 2017

Ever spend the day scrolling through Instagram and Facebook minding your own business, only to come face to face with the latest and possibly weirdest beauty trend you have ever seen?

I think it’s fair to say that so far this year there have been some crazy beauty trends making their way around the world. And while some inspire others to join in their new creative look, there are some that leave people wondering ‘why?’

Take a look at some of the most ridiculous beauty trends that have popped up in 2017 so far.

Fur nails

A totally strange trend where one has false nails covered in fake fur. While I’m sure it feels nice to the touch, the practicality of the trend is non-existent.

Squiggly lips and brows

One of the more recent strange beauty trends, this to me looks more like the product of a drunken person trying to put make-up on. When drawing on eyebrows or painting the lips, the person makes the lines squiggly on purpose to give off a sort of wavy look.

Glitter Butt

While glitter has been trending as of late, it seems that there is no limit to where people are willing to put it to stay trendy. The trend involves somehow sticking a large amount of glitter on one’s upper thighs and butt. Does this really need to sparkle?

Faux Freckles

I personally believe that natural beauty is something that every person should embrace. But why would a person place fake freckles on their faces? And most of these aren’t even normal looking freckles. Can you imagine walking down the street and seeing someone with a literal rainbow of freckles on their face?

Lollipop Lips

We all remember eating lollipops when we were younger. And once we were done we’d have to deal with the sticky aftermath of the smear stain on our mouths. Well now it looks like people are trying to purposefully create this look as a trendy new look. Since when has looking like a mess been something to aspire to?

Nose hair extensions

 By far the most cringy look to come out yet. I thought extensions would stop with eyelashes and hair, but it looks like the internet has managed to spit out yet another creative twist. The extensions circle the inside of the nostril, giving it a somewhat hypnotic look. Or so they say, to me it looks like some kind of hairy bug trying to crawl out of a person’s nostrils. Nose hair is not something people want to see at all, why would anyone design extensions for them?