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Six ways to get your fur babies ready for Spring

Aug 14, 2018
Six ways to get your fur babies ready for Spring

Spring is nearly here, which has most of us – pets included – leaping for joy at the thought of getting back to warmer weather and more time outdoors.

As we say goodbye to the winter chill, remember that the change of season also ushers in everything from hay fever to itchy skin, and our pets feel the change just as much as we do!

Here’s a few handy tips to prepare your fur babies and your home for spring time changes:

  1. Look out for seasonal allergies

If your pet gets itchy during spring, it is likely a reaction to seasonal allergens. Unlike humans, allergies in pets manifest more as skin irritations than anything else, typically caused by spring pollen and other allergens. Help ease the itchiness by giving your cat or dog regular baths, using a gentle hypo-allergenic shampoo with any soothing ingredient, such as aloe or primrose oil. Chat to your vet if the irritation continues as this may require sensitive skin shampoo alternatives.

  1. Regular brushing is key

Your pets will likely start to shed more from spring onwards as a natural way of getting rid of excess fur and preventing them from overheating. Give your pet a good brush every day to help remove excess hair and stimulate the production of natural oils, and feed them food that’s wholesome and promotes a healthy skin and a glossy coat. Remember to do this outside if possible to prevent it from spreading around the house!

  1. Stop fleas and ticks in their tracks

Now that your furry friend can spend more time outdoors rolling around in the grass (and often wreaking havoc in your flowerbeds), they also run the risk of attracting miniature ‘pets’ of their own. Invest in a good tick and flea treatment to protect them from all kinds of critters. There are many different options varying from powders, to collars or liquids and ingestibles to safeguard your pets for the months to come.

  1. Give pet beds and play areas a thorough clean

Along with spring cleaning the house, making sure your pet’s sleeping area is in tip top shape is just as vital, particularly because warmer weather is the perfect environment for bacteria growth and parasites. Throw bedding, blankets and your pet’s favourite toys in the wash, vacuum up any pet hair and mop the area with hot water and a light, non-toxic and pet-friendly floor cleaner. This is also a good time to replace any overly-chewed toys that are beyond salvaging, grubby collars and worn-out leads.

  1. Make sure pets are up to date on vaccinations

Spring time is also when pets start venturing out and socialising with other animals, making them increasingly susceptible to diseases, which also places pet owners at risk of contracting certain illnesses too! Preventative health is far better that reactive health measures, so make sure you take your pets to the vet to get them properly vaccinated.

Keep these great pet health tips in mind as we approach the warmer months to ensure you, your family and your beloved pets breeze through spring without a hitch – or an itch!

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