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SKIN DEEP: Deep Cleanse Facial at Soft Touch Wellbeing

By Amber Harington - Jul 29, 2014
SKIN DEEP: Deep Cleanse Facial at Soft Touch Wellbeing

SKIN DEEP: Deep Cleanse Facial at Soft Touch Wellbeing

The stress of a long working year in 2012 and the rush to sort out my admin just before going on leave certainly took its toll on my skin. To prepare myself for 2013, I decided to go for a Deep Cleanse Facial which has just been added to Soft Touch Wellbeing’s offering by Usha Daya and beauty therapist, Saajida, this month.

This treatment makes use of the Nimue range of products and the Deep Cleanse Facial is suitable for treating problematic, hyper pigmented and environmentally damaged skin.

Once I was comfortably lying down, Saajida applied a cleansing gel to my face to wash-off any make-up and excess dirt on the skin. This cleansing gel she massaged into my skin for about 8 minutes.

She then removed the gel, first with gauze, which also helps to peel away some dead skin cells, and then a conditioning toner. Thanks to Saajidas tender and deft hands I was soon in a state of relaxation.

An Enzyme Exfoliant, ridding the skin of dead cells and bringing the new skin cells to the surface was then applied. Made of papaya, orange and pineapple extracts, the exfoliant had an absolutely amazing fragrance.

Saajida explained that the acidity in citrus-based creams aids in breaking down dead cells and that enzyme exfoliants are better than granular ones because the former does not scratch and damage the skin.

My face was then steamed to soften and open the pores and making it easy to remove any impurities without leaving the skin red and irritated.  The massage that followed focused on all the pressure points on my face, including the neck and shoulders and was very soothing.

A mask, with the aroma of tea-tree, was then applied and left on for about fifteen minutes before being removed and replaced with a moisturizing cream and SPF for conditioning and protection.

When I left Soft Touch Wellbeing, my skin looked and felt fresh and revitalized.

I learnt that whatever your skin type, a Deep Cleanse Facial treatment is worth trying out. To reclaim your look, you can call Usha on 041 365 2762 or emailing her on[email protected] or visiting Soft Touch Wellbeing Health Wellness & Detox Centre at 54, 4th Avenue, Newton Park in Port Elizabeth.