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Skin Restoration: Visit Xpressions by Design for amazing treatments

Skin Restoration: Visit Xpressions by Design for amazing treatments

This winter season had not been going well for me, as it was doing terrible damage to my skin. So, I decided to spoil myself and made an appointment at Xpressions by Design, situated at 71 Newton Street, in Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, for a relaxing deep cleanse facial, with an aging and pigmentation treatment.

I arrived at Xpressions a few minutes early for my appointment and was welcomed by owner, Jo-Mari, who promptly proceeded with a few pre-treatment procedures. Once that was done, I was escorted to their treatment room, where my facial would take place.

While the inside of the salon had a funky look, the treatment room had a more relaxing ambiance. I lay on a bed and was covered in warm blankets. While Jo-Mari made her preparations, we chatted about the salon and her love of the job, which was clearly evident in her animated descriptions.

Jo-Mari removed my makeup and cleansed my face, twice. She explained to me that she always cleanses twice, in order to make sure all the pours are open. She then applied hot compressions and a facial scrub, which felt amazing. 

The much-dreaded extractions were next, and I was surprised to find that it was not as bad as I expected. Jo-Mari clearly knew what she was doing, and her training and experience was clearly evident.

Next she treated my skin with a variety of Jericho products. Jericho is an international brand and the their therapeutic products are based on Dead Sea salts, minerals and black mud.

I appreciated her talking me through the process and explaining the products and why she was using them. She also gave me advice on how to look after my skin while giving me a relaxing hand massage.

At the end of the treatment, I could immediately feel the difference in my skin – it felt far smoother, and looking in the mirror, my face looked healthy and rejuvenated.

I am definitely looking forward to returning to Xpressions by Design to try out their other pampering treatments. Xpressions by Design does not only specialise in skincare, health and weight loss, but also in haircuts, colours and treatments.

To book your next appointment, visit them at 71 Newton Street, in Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, or call 041 364 0527.