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'Skip the flush' - local company's solution to current water crisis

By Afikile Lugunya - Jul 13, 2018
'Skip the flush' - local company's solution to current water crisis

A local company has come up with what it believes to be a solution to South Africa’s current water woes.

Did you know that every flush in your toilet uses several litres of water? Thus, not flushing can save millions of litres of water so you are encouraged to ‘skip the flush’ by Amka Products (Pty) Ltd, the creators of Organico.

"Organico is an eco-friendly treatment for pit latrines and septic tanks, which had been adapted to the used for indoor toilets. It uses natural micro-organisms and enzymes to eliminate odours, reduce waste and prevent ground contamination," explains Sarah Webb, brand manager at Organico/Skip the flush.

She said that the product was created to help the country save water by reducing the number flushes people need in their toilet.

Sarah encourages people to understand that water is life and if nothing is done to save fresh water, then in the next five decades there might be no life on the planet.

"Adults have to take a stand and responsibility by educating children; not only educate them but be examples, let kids see you saving water so that they will do the same.

"Let's not be blamed as a generation that continued to flush our drinking water," she added.

Sarah said that their product doesn't destroy the environment because it is made from soil proteins, which are enzyme-based.

However, it doesn't break down the toilet paper - it only dissolves and breaks down human waste, kills germs and leave toilet smelling fresh.

It is important to note that Organico doesn't make the water clean or drinkable.

Interested? For more information visit www.skiptheflush.co.za and on Facebook: SkipTheFlush

Organico is available in a strip of five single dose 20g sachets at a cost of R19.99; a 100g each pouch at a cost of R19.99 and a spray trigger bottle at a cost of R39.99.

The products can be found in retail stores around the country.