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Slice of Light celebrates Madiba's Centenary

Jul 21, 2018
Slice of Light celebrates Madiba's Centenary

SABC2’s Slice of Light celebrates the Centenary of Nelson Mandela’s birth, in this week’s episode on Sunday morning.

The locally produced Christian magazine show felt it important to mark this significant occasion, with an insert in the programme.

“His life and legacy mean so much to us as South Africans, and I wanted to honour his memory in a way that people could relate to. By doing so, I also wanted to remind us all about his character and values. As a Nation, we sorely need them.” said Producer Nicola Barbour.

In the Mandela segment, well-known Bishop, George Irvine recalls his personal encounters with the great man.

One story in particular, illustrates the caring nature of our former president:

“In 1996, President Mandela called all his Methodist Bishops to meet him, at Tuinhuis. I was one of them. As we waited for him, I started a conversation with the lady who was pouring the tea. I asked her if she had worked at there for a long time. She replied that she had worked for 3 Presidents, but that Mandela was the only one who remembered the names of all of her grandchildren.

This struck a chord with me because I knew I was about to meet a man who held together greatness and humility" - George Irvine.

Slice of LightPresenter, Fiks Mahola, reflected, “I know of no person, man or woman, who was in Mandela’s presence, and was left unmoved in any way. George confirms this yet again.”

Slice of Light – Sunday 22nd July - 10:30am – SABC2