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Small Business opportunities at the Coega IDZ

Apr 28, 2017
Small Business opportunities at the Coega IDZ

The Coega Development Corporation (CDC) says that it has two units left for leasing on its purpose built 6000m2 Coega multi-user facility located in Zone 3 of the Coega IDZ.

The facility was built by the CDC, thus demonstrating the organization’s expertise in building and maintaining mega infrastructure projects in South Africa.

Since the opening of the Coega multi-user facility, the units have been selling fast. The last two units still available are between the sizes of 420m2 and 1757m2, located in a Customs Controlled Area (CCA). 

"The Coega multi-user facility offers, among others, a drastic cost-reductions resulting from the clustering and sharing of infrastructure such as off-loading areas, secured parking areas, sufficient truck turning areas, ample parking spaces, 24- hour security, boardrooms & offices, and modern Information Communication Technology (ICT), which enables plug and play environment,” says Dr Ayanda Vilakazi, CDC unit head of marketing, brand and corporate communications.

Furthermore, the facility currently has three (3) operational tenants, with two  more expected to become operational later this year. 

The Coega multi-user facility has provided affordable industrial space for many small-to-medium enterprises, especially those looking to grow their businesses and to expand their processing and value-addition activities in the Eastern Cape, says Dr Vilakazi.

Tenants wishing to locate their businesses in the Coega IDZ will benefit, among others, from the following:

  • Range of CCA incentives, such as customs duties and VAT suspension
  • SEZ Incentives for qualifying tenants, which includes a 15% corporate tax benefit, building allowance, employment creation incentive, 12i Tax Allowance – (the incentive offers support based on capital investment and training), training allowance, sector focussed incentives, to name but a few
  • Easy access to road, rail, air & sea network and adjacent to the deepwater port of Ngqura.
  • Integrated logistics services, connecting emerging markets in Africa and the rest of the world markets.
  • One Stop Shop services, proving VISA/ work and study permits, etc.