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Smart Travel Tip For Jet-Setting Smmes & Entrepreneurs

By Supplied - Aug 26, 2014
Smart Travel Tip For Jet-Setting Smmes & Entrepreneurs

Harsh economic times call for tough cost-cutting measures if you own and operate your own business. And if traveling extensively in order to grow a venture forms part of the operations, it requires intense planning to get the best out of every cent.

The team from SK Chemtrade - a flavour and product development company - have a footprint in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Zimbabwe. And with a client base spread across Southern Africa, coupled with trips to Europe for expos and research, travel regularly. But as with most small companies, it operates within a strict travel budget. As such, business owner Mark Ferrao started using FlightSiteAgent, a “wholesale” online travel provider, as a viable cost-saving measure. Here he shares his insights on how to be a savvy jetsetter:

Q:  Your business is worlds away from the regular travel industry. And now you are making the company’s own travel arrangements. Why did you decide to go this route?

A:I was looking for a cost-saving initiative that allowed us to customise our travel needs while providing a reliable support contact should I need to ask a question.

Q: Explain a bit more about your company’s travel patterns.

A:The management and technical team from SK Chemtrade individually tend to travel at least once a month, so collectively it is very busy. I also conduct work around Southern Africa and attend expos in Europe and travel every fortnight to service our market. This platform saves us money and allows me to make tailor-made short trips.

Q: What other advantages are there to booking the company’s trips yourself?

A:With this particular system (FlightSiteAgent), it also allows us to keep track of our travel budget, show all future bookings on one spread sheet, reprint tickets and liaise directly with a customer services agent should the need arise. I like to keep things simple and this allows for easy bookings, access and travel expenditure reports.

Q: Are you planning to expand the travel arrangements for your business?

A:Clients are demanding tailor-made solutions, provided within a short turn-around and presented in person. This means good old-fashioned travel to showcase is needed.

Q: You take to the skies often for work. If you travel for leisure, what are your preferences?

A:Las Vegas is pretty much up there as it’s the best place to forget about work for a brief moment! Hot-air ballooning over the Serengeti during the annual migration is up there too, one day hopefully. Then I like to play cricket or get away with the family to Paternoster. There are also special travel plans for later in the year to Portugal for a family reunion.

To try-out the FlightSiteAgent travel system, register online at www.flightsiteagent.co.za and within minutes gain access to competitive air, car, hotel and fares. As there are no registration or monthly fees to use the platform, overheads are also kept in check.