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Snowfalls expected in parts of the Eastern Cape on Sunday

AUGUST 19, 2016
Snowfalls expected in parts of the Eastern Cape on Sunday

A frontal system is expected to move through the Eastern Cape on Sunday evening and overnight into Monday, says the Port Elizabeth office of the SA Weather Services.

"The Atlantic Ocean high is ridging in along the coast, but with the centre of the low pressure sitting to the south there is a nice south westerly fetch," Quinton Jacobs, Senior Forecaster at the Port Elizabeth Weather Office.

"This results in the advection of cold Antarctic air to move over the subcontinent and dropping freezing levels significantly in places over the interior.

"The only concern is the lack of depth of moisture – there is moisture above the freezing level, which is enough to give light snowfalls, but at this stage the moisture depth is not sufficient to deliver snowfalls exceeding about 2cm in depth. Thus at present slightly heavier snowfalls would be restricted to the very high lying areas of the Drakensberg, Sneeuberg (Graaff Reinet) and Winterberg."

Here is ECWMF 24hour Total Snow field for Monday 22 August 2016:

"As you can see from the image, the areas where snowfalls would be most likely is the Sneeuberg, Winterberg and Eastern Cape Drakensberg ranges in the western and central parts of the Eastern Cape," said Jacobs.

Image: http://snowreport.co.za/