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‘Sold’ teenage girl from Mthatha in place of safety

‘Sold’ teenage girl from Mthatha in place of safety

A 15-year old girl from Ngqeleni, outside Mthatha, is now in a place of safety after the girl was allegedly sold for R10 000 by her stepmother to an older man from Ntlaza village in May.

The Grade 8 pupil was apparently walking to the local shop when she was approached and taken by the man to his home Ntlaza Village, where she was told she would be his wife.

Upon her arrival at the man’s home, the young girl was dressed in Xhosa attire and was given a new name.

Khula Community Development Project for children’s right reportedly received a tip-off in May but did not have sufficient information about the incident.

“At the time people at the school and in the community did not want to talk,” Khula director Petros Majola told the Daily Dispatch.

Majola then contacted various stakeholders dealing with the safety of children.

“In an exercise, we engaged with pupils and managed to get to the pupil concerned without attractingattention.

“She told us how she had been sent to the spaza shop where she met a man who asked for her name, as though to confirm she was the right girl. The man told her that her mother had instructed her to go with him to his home in Ntlaza village,” said the Commission on Gender Equality representative, Nceba Mrwebo.

The girl, alongside her 12-year old younger sister, was on Friday, taken by authorities to a place of safety.

She is believed not to have been harmed as she says she shared a room with her ‘husband’s’ granny.

“The girl said the granny said she was still too young to sleep with her husband,” said Mrwebo.

The children’s father, who lives in Johannesburg, remarried after their mother died years ago and they were left with their stepmother.

According to OR Tambo district Spokesperson, Nomasakhe Nonxuba, the girls were both examined by a doctor before being placed in a safe house.

The stepmother and grandmother were still to be questioned by Mthatha police.