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SOLVED: Why some households never experience load shedding

FEBRUARY 5, 2015
SOLVED: Why some households never experience load shedding

Envious aren’t you of your neighbours, relatives or work colleagues whose power never goes off when Eskom pulls the plug - even during scheduled times. You probably were beginning to suspect that they must know someone who knows someone in the municipality who does them a 'favour' - and in this current climate, who can blame you...

Well, the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has sought to allay your ‘conspiracy’ suspicions by explaining why some households never ever experience load shedding even when the grid is teetering on the brink of collapse.

“Please note that:

  • The schedule does not mean that every single household/property in a particular Group will definitely be switched off for the entire duration of the Loadshedding time-slot;
  • Hospitals and major industrial areas are not affected by Loadshedding. In certain instances, there are households which are supplied from the same substation that provides power to a hospital or factory (such as at SANCA in Chatty) – these households are, fortunately and consequently, not affected by Loadshedding; and
  • You will not experience Loadshedding outside of the schedule as it is applicable to a specific stage. Should there be a power outage in your area outside of the schedule’s time-slot, this is due to a cable fault and not Loadshedding. In such instances, we endeavour to keep you informed.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we collectively deal with a national energy crisis,” said Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Communications Director, Roland Williams, in a post on a local radio station’s Facebook page.

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