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Some good rains recorded in Plett, George, Kareedouw and Port Elizabeth overnight

Aug 17, 2017
Some good rains recorded in Plett, George, Kareedouw and Port Elizabeth overnight

Kareedouw, Plettenberg Bay, George and Port Elizabeth seem to have received much of the rain that fell on the Eastern and Southern Cape overnight. According to the Port Elizabeth office of the South African Weather Service, 42mm of rain fell in Plett and Kareedouw, while rain measuring above 32mm was recorded at St Albans, Third Avenue dip and Flower Reserve, in Port Elizabeth.

"The Kareedouw figure of 42 mm looks promising," said described Garth Sampson, Client Liaison Officer for the Eastern Cape at the South African Weather Service. 

"Some more showers are expected later on Thursday."

Below are the latest Rainfall figures, measured 08h00 17 August 2017 

Port Elizabeth

  • Airport                                  18 mm
  • 3rd Ave Dip                          30 mm
  • Riversrtone bridge          25 mm
  • Lovemore Heights           11 mm
  • Elands River                        25 mm
  • Flower Reserve                35 mm
  • Chatty                                   12 mm
  • Blue Horizon Bay              23 mm
  • Shark Rock Pier                 14 mm
  • St Albans                             36 mm
  • Uitenhage                           16 mm

East London                       11 mm

George                                 34 mm

Mthatha                              5 mm

Mossel Bay                         41 mm

Plettenburg Bay               42 mm

Colchester                          6 mm

Kliplaat                                 5 mm

Port Alfred                          21 mm

Graaf Reinett                     9 mm

Cradock                                2 mm

Ft Beaufort                         9 mm

Queenstown                     10 mm

Catchement areas

  • Kareedouw                        42 mm
  • Kouga Dam                         14 mm
  • Patensie                              18 mm
  • Uitenhage                           16 mm
  • Joubertina                          10 mm
  • Darlington Dam                 7 mm