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Some highlights from the Nelson Mandela Bay's 2018/19 'pro-poor budget'

Jun 14, 2018
Some highlights from the Nelson Mandela Bay's 2018/19 'pro-poor budget'

During Wednesday's Council meeting the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality's 2018/19 budget was passed.

This is the second budget passed by the Democratic Alliance (DA) -led coalition government and is one which it  claims will bring more change to the lives of the people of Nelson Mandela Bay.

"The current budget is strongly pro-poor and will help address the needs of the City’s most neglected communities which were severely under-resourced under the previous ANC-led government," said Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Athol Trollip.

"This budget also provides significant relief for the rate payers of the City in recognition of the difficult economic climate the whole country is facing, epitomizing how good, clean governance can do a lot more with less."

Some of the highlights of this budget are provided below.

Pro-poor spending

Continued funding of the Assistance to the Poor programme (ATTP) over R2.2 billion over the MTREF Period; Acquisition of Land for housing development of R45 million in addition to various Human Settlements Projects with a budget of R183.4 million; and R30 million over the MTREF to continue to eradicate bucket toilets (including the historic backlog).

Spending to improve roads:

* R68.5 million over MTREF on resurfacing of tar Roads,

* R298.5 million over the MTREF on the tarring of gravel roads (Project ID 200), and

* R40 million over the MTREF on the rehabilitation of roads.

"This ends a tumultuous period in the Metro as the opposition parties in the council, comprising of the ANC, United Front and the EFF, made four attempts to block the passing of the budget, a move designed to put the City under administration.

"Today's passing of the budget will ensure that the coalition government gets on with the business of putting the people of the City first. We would like to thank all of our coalition and voting partners for their commitment to providing service delivery and improving the lives of the poor and vulnerable of the City," Trollip added.

"It is regrettable that EFF and ANC councillors chose not to be present today - nonetheless, our mandate is to bring visible change in Mandela Bay and we will not be deterred in our attempts to deliver better services to all."