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South Africa vs. Australia head-to-head statistics, records

SEPTEMBER 10, 2016
South Africa vs. Australia head-to-head statistics, records

South Africa is due to play Australia in their third Rugby Championship fixture at 12:00PM today (SA time) at the Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Australia. Various head-to-head statistics between these traditional Southern rivals can give an idea of the historical context between the two nations, as well as the current physical and attributing comparisons between the two sides.

South Africa vs. Australia overall:

Total tests played- 81     South Africa won- 45      Australia won- 35             Drawn- 1

On Australian soil:

Total tests played- 36     South Africa won- 12      Australia won- 23             Drawn- 1

On South African soil:

Total tests played- 43     South Africa won- 33      Australia won- 10             Drawn- 0

At Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane:

Total tests played- 6       South Africa won- 1        Australia won- 5               Drawn- 0

Average score at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane:

South Africa 14.3 – 27.5 Australia

Longest winning streak:

South Africa- 7 (2nd August 1969 – 29 August 1992)           

Australia- 5 (23rd July 2011 – 29th September 2012)

Largest winning margin:

South Africa- 45 (beat Australia 53-8 at Coca Cola Park, Johannesburg on 30th August 2008)

Australia- 49 (beat South Africa 49-0 at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane on 15th July 2006)

Total starting XV Test caps:

South Africa- 480 caps                    Australia- 595 caps

Backline Test caps:

South Africa- 202 caps                    Australia- 211 caps

Forwards Test caps:

South Africa- 278 caps                    Australia- 384 caps          

Total backline weight:

South Africa- 628 kg                        Australia- 654kg

Total forwards weight:

South Africa- 916kg                         Australia- 917kg