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South African manufacturer begins 2017 with world class state-of-the- art technology

Jan 19, 2017
South African manufacturer begins 2017 with world class state-of-the- art technology

The start of January 2017 is already proving to be a productive and positive one for South African manufacturer, Nouwens Carpets who imported a new state-of-the-art tile cutting plant – rated one of the top three worldwide – for their local Harrismith manufacturing facility. The equipment was purchased from a prominent European manufacturer who supplies equipment to several of the leading brands in the carpet tile sector.

The new equipment arrived in November and as of January is now in full operation with results already evident with reduced waste, improved cutting capabilities and overall increased operational efficiency for the company.

Nouwens Carpets Factory Manager, Karl–Heinz Lutze, explained that reducing waste and improving output is the continuation of the company’s strategic vision going forward.

“Not only will we be enhancing the quality of our products and reducing waste, but the forward thinking technology also helps us reduce our overheads so that we can continue to offer clients competitive prices while not sacrificing on the quality of our product,” stated Lutze.

“Nouwens Carpets has built a solid reputation within the flooring industry and in order to remain world class we are continually exploring new options for innovative systems and machinery. Not only does this new tile cutting plant allow us to produce 1200 tiles in just four hours, but we have also managed to reduce the amount of water used during the production process, which also falls within the scope of our corporate responsibility as a leader in our industry. 2017 will see Nouwens Carpets at the forefront of innovation with lots of exciting development planned for the New Year,” concluded Oscar Grobler, Chairman of Nouwens Carpets.