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South African woman rescued alive in Nigeria

South African woman rescued alive in Nigeria

A South African woman has been rescued, after being trapped under a pile of rubble for five days when a guesthouse building belonging to the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria collapsed.

She is said to have no injuries.

Lindiwe Ndwandwe reportedly survived by drinking water from a broken pipeline, having only a small amount of space under the collapsed guesthouse that claimed the lives of 67 of her compatriots according to the South African government.

Approximately 100 people have been saved after the incident.

South African consul-general in Nigeria, Sam Monaisa, said that Ndwandwe’s survival is “amazing” and has given hope to many families that other people who are trapped might be found alive.

"No one knows how she survived. It's a miracle she is alive and uninjured. She walked out with only a few scratches,” he said.

"A number of pilgrims survived because they were blown out through doors and windows by the force of the collapsing floors.

"It's terrifying to listen to how people could hear rescuers searching for them but [could] do nothing to get their attention.

"Can you imagine being trapped in a tiny dark space for days? The terror and fear?" he added.

The rescue team are battling to get to the restaurant area of the building, where most of guests were when the guesthouse caved in on Friday.

The circumstances of the collapse as well as the death toll remain unclear.


Photo Caption: Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos disaster. Photo courtesy of www.photos.denverpost.com