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South African Youth Council mobilising young people for a march on JSE

By Yolanda Palezweni - Aug 3, 2017
South African Youth Council mobilising young people for a march on JSE

The South African Youth Council (SAYC) on Wednesday said that whilst 2nd of August 2017, marks the 20th anniversary of the organisation as an umbrella body of all youth organisations in the country, its newly elected National Executive Committee (NEC) has taken a decision to not celebrate, but to mark the day with action and mass mobilisation.

According to the SAYC General Secretary, Sir Bongani Luvalo, in the face of massive youth unemployment, and a country riddled with more people on social grants than in jobs (as per research findings of the SA Institute of Race Relations), a celebration would be misplaced. 

He added that, the SAYC has therefore resolved to call for all unemployed youth in the country to send in their CV's and join the organisation on the 7th of September when it will march to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) to submit the CVs and call on the JSE-listed companies to employ these youth. 

“The notion that unemployed graduates are without skills or the ‘right’ set of skills is simply not true, and far-fetched from the truth,  in a country with a problem of so-called scarce skills. How do we justify unemployed graduates, who hold scarce skills qualifications in areas such as IT, tourism, human resource development, business and engineering,” argued Luvalo.

He added that government is currently the biggest employer in the country and SAYC is calling on the private sector to play its part by employing, up-skilling and procuring services from youth owned companies, thereby ensuring that the country's high unemployment is brought down. 

Luvalo further said that it remains worrisome that the private sector continues to see its role within the country, as that of extraction without ploughing back or reinvesting towards the growth of our economy. 

“We therefore put a challenge to these JSE CEOs who form part of #SaveSA to put their money where their mouth is, and stop claiming to care about the state of the country whilst turning a blind eye on the socio-economic challenges confronting us,” he said.

“Join us on the 7th of September, wear your graduation gown if you are an unemployed graduate, we have a date with the JSE."

He also advised unemployed young people to email their CVs to saychq@gmail.com  .