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Special Rating Area for Walmer Heights to be discussed at public meeting

MARCH 16, 2016
Special Rating Area for Walmer Heights to be discussed at public meeting

The Mandela Bay Development Agency (MBDA), which in 2015 officially launched the first Special Rating Area (SRA) for Nelson Mandela Bay, Richmond Hill, is now assisting interested property owners in Walmer Heights to establish the same.

MBDA Spokesperson Luvuyo Bangazi says; “SRA’s around the world have become effective mechanisms for citizens to get directly involved in the improvement of their Neighbourhoods. Richmond Hill, the first SRA in Nelson Mandela Bay, is proving to be a success story with a number of initiatives already on the go.”

“The Richmond Hill SRA has already undertaken initiatives such as additional waste management, street patrols and visible security, partnership with the Richmond Hill music festival and many others,” concluded Bangazi.

Invitation to Walmer heights Property Owners/Residents

You are invited to attend very important meetings after some real progress has been made with regard to the possible formation of the Walmer Heights Special Rating Area (SRA). These meetings seek to ensure that everyone exercises his/her right to support or not to support this initiative.

These meetings will, in conjunction to this advertisement, be advertised through flyer distribution in your post boxes and loud hailing.

The meetings will explore the following key issues:

• Why a Special Rating Area?
• Benefits to property owners and residents;
• Envisaged model of implementation; and
• Envisaged process involved going forward.

Event details

Venue:Walmer Country Club
Date:Thursday 17 March and Tuesday 22 March 2016
Time:18:30 for both days

An official SRA can only be established with the cooperation of property owners and it is therefore important that as many property owners as possible attend this public meeting.

Although the SRA is envisaged for the area to be suggested by property owners, the invitation is extended to all residents in Nelson Mandela Bay, as it is critical that another successful SRA be established in the Walmer Heights area.

For further information please contact Wayne Smith on 083 271 5341