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St Andrew’s College 1st team Tour to Cape Town:

Jan 28, 2019

The St Andrew’s College 1st Water Polo Team travelled to Cape Town this past weekend to play in the Paul Roos water polo festival. The St Andrew’s side played 140 minutes of water polo on the Saturday, against various teams from around the country. The teams included Paul Roos, Wynberg, Bishops, Reddam, SACS, Rondebosch, St Johns and Hilton. St Andrew’s managed to get 2 quarters against all the teams except Hilton.

The team improved on various aspect of their game over the weekend, but they did not perform consistently enough. The St Andrew’s side scored 33 goals and conceded 35 goals on the Saturday.

The festival was created in such a way that teams would not play a full game against any team, but rather play two quarters against one team and 2 quarters against another team.

On Sunday 27 January, St Andrew’s College 1st water polo side went to Bishops to play fixtures against Reddam and Hilton. Unfortunately, Hilton couldn’t play as they had to fly out earlier than expected. The team started off slowly against Reddam in the 1st quarter, conceding several easy goals. The 2nd,3rd and 4thquarters were far better but St Andrew’s didn’t put enough goals on the score sheet and didn’t score extra man opportunities.

All round it was a successful weekend for St Andrew’s College water polo and good preparation for the St Andrew’s College Shield coming up this weekend.

 Friendlies against Kingswood:

Water polo matches were scheduled against Kingswood College on Friday 25 January for the U14A, U15A and 2nd teams, as they had a bye on Saturday. St Andrew’s enjoyed a clean sweep and scored 45 goals between the three teams, and only conceded 5.

 Fixtures at Woodridge:

The rest of the St Andrew’s Water Polo Club travelled to Woodridge for a great day of water polo, every team got a minimum of 2 games and some played up to 5 games.

The U14B team played 3 games and went unbeaten, drawing one game

The U15B team played 5 games, they won 2, lost 2 and drew one.

5ths played 3 games and lost all 3, however they played against the 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams.

4ths played 3 games, won 1 and lost 2, they also competed against 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams.

3rds played 2 games and won 1 and drew 1.


Water Polo Results:

Friday 25 Jan: at SAC

U14A vs Kingswood u14A:  won 15 – 1

U15A vs Kingswood u15A: won 15 – 1

2nds vs Kingswood 2nds: won 15 – 3


Sat 26 Jan: at Woodridge

U14B vs Alex Road u14A: Drew 1 all

U14B vs Pearson u14B: won 6 – 2

U14B vs Alex Road u14A: won 3 – 2

 U15B vs Grey u15B: lost 4 – 2

U15B vs Kingswood u15A Drew 1 all

U15B vs Grey u14B: lost 8 –

U15B vs Pearson u15B: won 11 –

U15B vs Woodridge u15A: won 9 - 0

3rds vs Grey 3rds: lost 8 –

3rds vs Pearson 2nds: Drew 3 all

4ths vs Pearson 2nds: lost 6 –

4ths vs Hudson 1st: won 6 – 1

4ths vs Pearson 3rds: lost 5 – 3

5ths vs Hudson 1st: lost 3 – 2

5ths vs Alex Road 2nds: lost 3 – 1

5ths v Grey 3rds: lost 11 - 1

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