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St Andrew’s Prep - Creating Global Awareness at Home

Feb 17, 2017
St Andrew’s Prep - Creating Global Awareness at Home

In an outing that opened their eyes to the needs of their community and their hearts to the four-footed friends of Grahsmtown, the Grade 5 pupils of St Andrew’s Prep spent a day at the SPCA where local vets were spaying and neutering animals from under privileged homes.

Getting right into the spirit of the exercise, the boys donated cash, brought pet food and made up parcels for the animals’ owners, each containing a feeding bowl, blanket and some pet food. The boys asked thought provoking questions of the SPCA staff, Dr William Fowlds (Wildlife Vet) and one of the visiting Medivet vets from the UK.

But they didn’t stop there.

Their exploration of Grahamstown took them to the Albany Museum, where they met up with Grahamstown’s encyclopaedia of knowledge, Basil Mills and listened to fascinating stories about Africa as they toured the Museum.

Caption: (left to right, back): Mark Thomas, SPCA Centre Manager, Nicholas Heymans, Mark Were, Joe Kroon, Rhys Le Rhoux, James Spencer, Ethan van der Merwe, Connor Moorcroft, Tamsyn Thomas.

(Centre, left to right): William Brothers, Jamie Sparks, Jonathan MacKenzie, Charles Rose-Innes, Liso Mgwedli, Asi Mpofu, Laza Mntonintshi, Maloli Dingana  , Grahamstown SPCA Inspector.

(Front, left to right): Nicholas Danckwerts, Ben Evans, Nicholas Field, Timothy Mwesigwa, Julius Rocher, Jack Dixie, Kahaya Kabushenga, Ben Wright, Blake Antrobus and Divan Eksteen.