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St Andrew’s Prep Somerset Ragtime Refrain

Feb 21, 2017
St Andrew’s Prep Somerset Ragtime Refrain

The residents of Somerset Place, a retirement home in Grahamstown, were in for a pleasant surprise on Friday last week when a group of St Andrew’s Prep boys called on them to entertain them with music and song.  Grade 4 pupil John Davies played various well-known and loved pieces on the piano and Grade 7 pupil Daniel Cotton, also on piano, transported many of the residents back in time by performing the song Elvis Presley made famous: Hound Dog.

Next up were the enchanting and melodic flute pieces performed by Grade 7 pupil Aidan Reynolds and lastly John Marshall, also in Grade 7, sang Amazing Grace, where the residents joined in and sang along with him.

The residents thoroughly enjoyed the morning of music entertainment. After the performance the boys had wonderful opportunities to chat to the residents and spend time with them. Among the residents was a gentleman who was a St Andrew’s Prep boy in the 1950’s who could still remember and sing the school song, much to the delight of the boys. It was a special time and great fun was had by both the residents and the boys alike.

Caption: John Davies, Mr Anthony Graham Molony, Aidan Reynolds, John Marshall and Daniel Cotton.