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St Andrew's College and DSG Celebrate Youth Day

Jun 17, 2016
St Andrew's College and DSG Celebrate Youth Day

This year’s Youth Day celebration was a powerful and thought-provoking marking of the fortieth anniversary of 16 June 1976.

"On arrival, guests were segregated according to their skin colour and seated in different areas of the pavilion on Lower Field. Everyone was also given a sticker of a particular colour to further drive home the message of what South Africa was like during the dark days of Apartheid," described Cherié Wille, Communications Officer at the schools.

"At regular intervals during the proceedings various groups of people were asked to break the bonds of segregation and go and sit in another group’s area. Steadily the true Rainbow Nation was revealed.

This message ran like a sinew throughout the celebrations. Pure entertainment in the form of dancers, musicians, singers and a Marimba band was mixed in with prayers, speeches and poetry.

"At the end of each act, the performers would chant the mantra 'Colour no longer defines us'. The two speakers brought powerful messages to the gathering. Mr Peter Zingela (professional DSG driver) told his own gut-wrenchingly honest story of growing up during the apartheid years and urged his young listeners to grab their opportunities with both hands.

"Mr Mak Manaka exploded onto the stage with energy and enthusiasm and through dynamic poetry and prose (mixed with interesting microphone techniques) he cajoled and inspired the young South Africans to reach for new heights."

At the very end everybody stood, removed their stickers and said as one: 'Colour no longer defines us' before launching into the National Anthem.


Main image: Pupils from the Diocesan Schools for Girls dancing as part of the Youth Day programme that was presented by the pupils of DSG and St Andrew’s College.

Second image: Mr Maakomele Manaka, a famous South Africa poet was the guest speaker at Youth Day.