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St Andrew's College vs Strelitzia High School in Uitenhage football

Feb 21, 2017
St Andrew's College vs Strelitzia High School in Uitenhage football

The St Andrew’s College U16A and 1st XI Football teams travelled to Uitenhage to play fixtures versus a very strong Strelitzia High school.

The U16A teams kicked-off the day with an exciting match. The nippy Strelitzia strikers broke the College defense with a counter-attacking goal after 15minutes. The College U16A team came back strongly and tested the Strelitzia defense with multiple waves of attack, dominating every aspect of the match. Their patients eventually paid off and a moment of brilliance by Zion Makani led to a spectacular finish by Luc Rushmere. The score 1-1 at half time.

College dominated the second half with Tom Russel constantly causing havoc for the Strelitzia defense.  The Strelizia goal keeper stood firm and made it nearly impossible for the College boys to score. An Excellent strike by Nic Cleasbly, off his left, shaved the left post as College threw everything at Streilitzia, leaving nothing behind. With 5 minutes to play, Strelitzia scored yet another break-away goal and capitalized on College mistakes. The game ended 2-1 to Strelitzia in a match full of missed opportunities by the College boys.

The 1st team had a very slow and disappointing start to their match, trailing 4-1 at halftime. Stern words and honest reflection at halftime led to a more inspiring second half. Superb finishes by Toa Varty, fire and College passion by Ryan Kabatwo and an all-out attack approach by Zadok Makani, Oliver Hoard and Tom More led to College trailing by 1 goal with 15 minutes to play, the score 4-3 to Strelitzia, one of the best comebacks you would ever have witnessed!

The host battled to get possession of the ball and consistent pressure by the 1st XI led to a free-kick just outside the 18-area. Tom More lined up to equalize the score, but missed the opportunity with his strike centimeters away from the top-left corner. Stelitzia scored a late goal to make the final score 5-3 in one of the most spectacular schoolboy football matches.

Caption: 1st Team: Back: Kieron Baart, Tom More, Francis Christie, Nick Poole, Zadok Makani, Ryan Thompson, Toa Varty. Front: Wesley Badger, Oliver Hoard, Matthew Royle, Lwazi Mzimane