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St Andrew's Junior Prep pupils - Riding High

Aug 2, 2016
St Andrew's Junior Prep pupils - Riding High

Competition riding and show jumping have sparked the interest and participation of a younger generation recently. Three St Andrew’s Junior Prep pupils took part in the SANESA Regional Show recently at the Grahamstown Riding Club.  Each Prep rider entered at Level 0 and walked away bedecked with ribbons.


In this last show Josephine Whittington-Jones, Grade 1 riding Champion, received First places for Proficiency Riding Test 4, Proficiency Riding Test 5 and Ideal Time Jumping. She was placed Second in Working Riding and Third in Equitation and Performance Riding.  In addition this SANESA show included the Newcomers Challenge. St. Andrew’s Prep did very well this year with Josephine Whittington-Jones winning the 2016 Newcomers challenge and Jonathon Pretorius being the runner up. Nicholas Smailes was 9th overall too. The Grahamstown Riding Club has really been supportive of this little group of riders so we owe them a big thank you.


Caption: 2016 Newcomers Challenge Champion, Josephine Whittington-Jones riding her pony named Champion