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Stage 2 water restrictions come into effect in Buffalo City Municipality

Nov 1, 2019
Stage 2 water restrictions come into effect in Buffalo City Municipality

East London - Stage 2 Water Restrictions came into effect in the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality on Friday where Executive Mayor, Xola Pakati, declared the Buffalo City Metro as a drought disaster area.

Pakati on Thursday visited the Bridle Drift Dam (Kwa Grinika) to inspect the declining dam levels following the announcement by the City Council to implement stage 2 water restrictions as from 01 November 2019.

“The dams supplying the Metro are less than half full, the latest statistics show a significant drop in dam levels in some of the main dams when compared to the same period in the previous year,” the Mayor said.

“Buffalo City’s main reserve dam, the Wriggleswade Dam, which is managed by Amatola Water on behalf of the Department of Water and Sanitation, is currently sitting at 46.4 per cent.

“The main dam which supplies East London and Mdantsane, the Bridle Drift Dam, was recorded to be below 50 per cent in the latest available data. The latest figure of this dam is at 41.8 per cent.

“The other dams that supply the City are Nahoon Dam, which supplies East London and Mdantsane. Rooikrantz Dam supplies KWT recorded to be at 39.1 per cent.”

Pakati said that the Metro is hopeful that the area will receive rainfalls that will fill this dam to its maximum capacity

“We want to plead to the residents of the Metro to use Water Sparingly and adhere to the water restrictions. We are also hoping for their understanding as we navigate these trying times.”

The Mayor is calling on residents to adhere to the restrictions written below:

  • No sprinklers and watering of lawns.
  • Water must not be used to clean paved areas unless it is necessary.
  • Swimming pools and water features may not be topped up with any water unless is permitted.
  • Use a bucket to wash vehicles. A commercial car wash can be used only if it recycles water.
  • No washing of windows and buildings unless necessary.
  • Construction activities,  unless impractical, water may only be used by means of a hose fitted with a flow cut-off device.
  • Wherever practicable non-potable water should be used.
  • Washing and rinsing of clothes under an open public standpipe is prohibited.

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