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Stage one load shedding from 08h30-22h00

JULY 10, 2015
Stage one load shedding from 08h30-22h00

Eskom has announced that it will be introducing stage one load shedding from 08h30-22h00 citing a loss of generating capacity due to a constrained grid as the main reason.

The power utility managed to keep the lights on for eight straight days this month.

However, this week, the power utility didn’t seem too optimistic about reaching double figures without implementing blackouts.

On Thursday morning‚ a press statement boasted: “There is currently no load-shedding taking place and Eskom has not implemented load-shedding for the past nine days.”

Eskom followed this with: “However‚ the power system is very constrained and vulnerable throughout the day today‚ with a high risk of load shedding being implemented at short notice.”

This‚ Eskom explained‚ “is due to a number of Eskom’s generating units being unavailable as a result of technical faults”.

Yesterday, it implemented Stage One load shedding from 17H00.

No load sheding in Cape Town 

There will be no load shedding in Cape Town today, the City of Cape Town has tweeted.

"The City of Cape Town will avoid load-shedding today due to spare generation capacity," said the tweet.

On Thursday the City of Cape Town also tweeted that its residents need not worry about blackouts. "Despite Eskom's call for load shedding, the city will not implement it due to its own spare generation capacity," it said.

Eskom has announced that it will implement stage 1 load shedding from 08:30 on Friday, which is likely to continue until 22:00.

This is due to increased electricity demand and a shortage of generation capacity resulting from technical faults at some of our power station units, said the power utility.

Eskom has asked consumers to use power sparingly as cold weather conditions are being experienced across the country.


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