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Stage one load shedding from 17h00-22h00

JULY 9, 2015
Stage one load shedding from 17h00-22h00

Power utility Eskom has announced that it will be introducing stage one load shedding from 17h00-22h00 after nine days without needing to implement rolling blackout. A strained grid due to continuing maintenance has been cited as the main reason.

The power utility didn’t seem too optimistic about reaching double figures without implementing blackouts.

On Thursday morning‚ a press statement boasted: “There is currently no load-shedding taking place and Eskom has not implemented load-shedding for the past nine days.”

Eskom followed this with: “However‚ the power system is very constrained and vulnerable throughout the day today‚ with a high risk of load shedding being implemented at short notice.”

This‚ Eskom explained‚ “is due to a number of Eskom’s generating units being unavailable as a result of technical faults”.