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Standard Bank Ironman Championship opened opportunities to locals

By Afikile Lugunya - Apr 17, 2018
Standard Bank Ironman Championship opened opportunities to locals

While the focus was on the many athletes, who participated in the 2018 Standard Bank Ironman Africa Championship that was held over the weekend in Port Elizabeth, for many locals, it was not just sport as they used the opportunity to make some extra money.

Several vendors thronged the beachfront with an assortment of wares while local traditional dancers were seen doing what they know best from the early morning of Sunday until the sun set.

Speaking to RNEWS, Imbumba Traditional Dancers and Amavulindlela described how things have changed in the Ironman.

“Things changed a lot in Ironman, because we used to dance [for a few hours] and go immediately. But this time around, they said that they wanted to change things and if things don’t work out then they will go back to the way they did things,” Tyhileka Ndothi, speaking for Imbumba, described.

Tourists were amused by their Xhosa traditional dancing and couldn’t stop to watch and take photos.

The dancers made it extra special for them by painting patterns in their faces using calamine.

“We started at 5am, kept changing spots and resting for about 30 minutes before continuing again,” she added.

There were also traditional attires, traditional beads and home-made objects sold at the event.