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Stats SA: Survey shows South Africans believe crime is increasing

Stats SA: Survey shows South Africans believe crime is increasing

A new survey by Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) on victims affected by crime, has found that 43.6% of households believed lawbreaking, either violent or non-violent, increased during the period 2011-2014, with 27.6% failing to notice a change.

The findings revealed that 85.4% of respondents felt save walking around their area at day, while 68.9% felt uncomfortable being out and alone at night.

It also discovered that the majority of crimes likely to be reported to the police, included murder (95.7%), car theft (88.9%), car hijacking (85.8%) and sexual offences (63.0%), with the least being housebreaking / burglary (51.8%), theft of personal property (34.2%) and livestock (32.3%).

Out of the crimes committed during the period 2014 / 2015, 65.9% were adjudged to have been as a result of burglary with the next highest being house robbery (42.7%), street robbery (42.1%) and pick-pocketing (26.0%).

Provincially, 55.1% of residents in the Western Cape felt violent crimes in their area increased between 2011-2014, followed by the Northern Cape (51.3%), Limpopo (50.9%), North West (50.5%) and Free State (47.8%).

In addition 85.7% of residents in the province believed drugs played a key role in property crimes between April 2014-March 2015, with the next highest being the Eastern Cape (84.6%), Gauteng (81.5%) and KwaZulu-Natal (79.1%).


The full report can be downloaded here