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Steenkamps: Why didn't Oscar just let her walk away?

Aug 24, 2015
Steenkamps: Why didn't Oscar just let her walk away?

Ten months behind bars is not enough for the man who killed their daughter, June and Barry Steenkamp said in an interview over the weekend.

In an interview with Australia's Channel Seven Sunday Night programme, June told the broadcaster: "How can it be for the life of my daughter... 10 months be enough? He killed her, he admits he killed her, she's dead, after making sure that she was dead. Why didn't he let her just walk away? Why?"

Asked if Reeva Steenkamp's bag was packed the night she was killed in February 2013, June said "Yes".

In the same interview, Barry said he did not believe what was said during Oscar Pistorius's trial.

"What actually came out in court is not the truth. We know what we heard there is not right," he told the broadcaster. 

He is reported to have said that people heard screams and when Pistorius realised what had happened, "he couldn't stop".

"He [Pistorius] had to carry on until it was finished," Barry said.

With Pistorius's parole having been suspended last week, the Steenkamps say they will let the justice system run its course.

"It is not finished - not finished by a long way - and I can only give you my feelings after the final verdict," he said.

June said the death of their daughter had ruined their lives, something she wanted to tell Pistorius face-to-face one day when they were ready.

"All I want you [Pistorius] to realise is that you have ruined our lives. You've taken her life, her possible marriage, of having a baby - our grandchild," June told the broadcaster.

"You've taken her career away... You've taken the most precious thing out of our lives."

On Wednesday, it was announced that the June 5 decision to release Pistorius on correctional supervision on August 21 was made prematurely.


- News24 Wire