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STILE ITALIANO’: Kountertop brings Italy’s exquisite kitchen and furniture designs to PE

By Candra Neilson - Jul 29, 2014
STILE ITALIANO’: Kountertop brings Italy’s exquisite kitchen and furniture designs to PE

Like many new homeowners, I was recently in the market for a new kitchen that would transform my home into ‘la bella casa’ - the beautiful home - as the Italians would call it.

Naturally, I wanted to ensure that I created an ideal, attractive and functional kitchen. Besides being the ‘heart of the home’ - a place to prepare and cook food and, depending on the size, a place where one can eat a meal and entertain guests, a kitchen is also long-term investment and not an inexpensive decision.

After visiting many local kitchen designers and obtaining many quotations, I just could not find a design idea that tickled my fancy - despite being tired and exhausted from all the running around.

I was about to give up on my kitchen hunt, when I came across a newly opened establishment called Kountertop, situated along 3rd Avenue, Newton Park in Port Elizabeth. Completely unsure as to what they did – just a feeling that they were in the home makeover and design space, I stopped and entered their showroom.

Wow! That was my initial reaction. I had never seen a more beautiful kitchen and furniture showroom. The Kountertop showroom is a massive warehouse with 16 kitchen displays over two floors.

I joined several other homeowners who were excitedly browsing around and getting a feel of the items. The designs at Kountertop are beautiful, fashionable and are a great fusion of colour, element composition and display high charismatic innovation. They were beyond my expectations.

After chatting to one of Kountertop’s very knowledgeable sales consultants, I learnt that all the products are produced and directly imported from the best Italian manufacturers in this sector. All of the products also meet international quality standards and certification.

Since Kountertop have been in business for as much as 45 years - not many establishments can claim that many years in the industry, it reassured me of their products and service.

Within a few minutes of browsing through their displays, I found my ideal kitchen – trendy, functional, well-equipped and a seamless combination of modern open-space layouts.

It featured white double-bowl undermount kitchen sink, top mounted taps and was complete with a drying rack and a well-craftedwoodgraincupboard directly above the faucets with soft-close system on the drawers. To complete the look, the fridge was perfectly tucked away within a cabinet which was conveniently placed next to a tall grocery cupboard.

The finishing touches provided by Kountertop are something I have not seen in any other establishment. The composition of cabinets, modern lines, detail and motifs evoked in me a feeling of traditional cabinet-making fused with modern design to create elegance.

I also found that Kountertop has the ideal kitchen for every design taste - from modern to classic to farm style - you name it. The colours available were impressive in their own right while the choices of countertops can range from stainless and granite to marble and caesar stone to whatever meets your desire.

Above all, I believe Kountertop is the only establishment that offers appliances with all kitchens. I have since received a quote from Kountertop and am impressed with the value for money.

The boundary between the kitchen and living areas is becoming increasingly narrow due to modern open-space layouts. Your kitchen is the new focal point in the home. Make it a well-designed space and visit Kountertop,53 Third Avenue, Newton Park in Port Elizabeth.

Also call 041 364 2994 or email:[email protected] or visit:www.kountertop.co.za