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Stolen vehicle and stock recovered as suspects flee into the night

Nov 19, 2017
Stolen vehicle and stock recovered as suspects flee into the night

Police have increased their visibility and crime prevention operations on all the main routes leading in and out of Nelson Mandela Bay in an effort to thwart the moving of stolen property, drugs and stolen stock along these routes as part of the SAPS festive season safety plan for the Nelson Mandela Metro.

"This higher visibility paid off during the early morning hours of Saturady, at 02:30, when patrolling Swartkops police members spotted a suspected stolen vehicle," described police spokesperson, Captain Andre Beetge.

"The blue Isuzu bakkie had a false registration plate of an Opel Kadet, and when police tried to pull off the vehicle, a vehicle chase ensued close to the Old Coega Hotel on the R334, about 10 kilometres from Motherwell.

"When the bakkie finally stopped, the five suspects on the vehicle fled into the nearby bushes."

He said that unfortunately due to the darkness, police were unable to make an arrest.

"The vehicle was identified as being stolen earlier this month in Kwazakele, and the carcasses of four slaughtered cattle were found on the bakkie," Captain Beetge added.

"The owner of the cattle was identified at Coega Shunting Yard, opposite Coega Hotel. It is suspected that the stock was stolen and slaughtered minutes before police found them driving on the R335 in Coega."

Motherwell Cluster Commander, Major General Dawie Rabie applauded the swift police action and added; "We(SAPS) will continue to dominate these routes and make it as close to impossible for criminals to transport their goods in and out of our Metro."