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Strategy Outlined to increase Traffic Fine Collection

DECEMBER 11, 2014
Strategy Outlined to increase Traffic Fine Collection

A comprehensive strategy has been presented to the Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) aimed at ensuring that Traffic and Licensing Services “meet their target for collection of fines”.

Currently, the division is hamstrung by a number of challenges, in terms of the collection of fines, among which is the need for a Number Plate Recognition System.

A report to the committee points out that it has not been possible to introduce a Number Plate Recognition System due to a court challenge to the awarding of a tender, advertised in 2010, for the service.

It explains that vehicles fitted with this system are able to identify how many warrants of arrest are pending for the vehicle and what their value is, even if the vehicle has been stolen or has false number plates.

The report states that there is also a need for a call centre to be established to contact motorists who have received traffic fines to remind them, adding that if this happens “30% or 40% of traffic fines can be paid before they become warrants of arrests”.

It adds that there are companies specializing in this area that are prepared to do the tracing and collect the outstanding monies, retaining a percentage as an administrative fee for tracking down offenders. This system, it is pointed out, is working well in other municipalities.

Safety and Security states that it wants to go out on tender for the establishment of a call centre to enter into an agreement with existing call centres “to trace offenders with many traffic fines,” given the lack of manpower to run such an operation internally.

The report also proposes that the services of sheriffs should be procured to execute outstanding warrants of arrests, the Safety and Security Directorate stating that they want the go ahead to proceed with a pilot project on this particular initiative. - MetroMinutes.


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