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Striking municipal workers attack Baviaans mayor with knobkierie

Striking municipal workers attack Baviaans mayor with knobkierie

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Eastern Cape has slammed striking municipal officials in the Baviaans Local Municipality, for attacking its mayor with a knobkierie.

Speaking in a statement, Baviaans Constituency leader, and national Finance Portfolio Committee member Malcolm Figg, said Ewald Loock was hit over the head on Friday morning as workers protested outside the municipal head office in Willowmore, over pay disputes following the inclusion of Rietbron to the municipality.

“This thuggery must be stopped. The Willowmore police have failed to act and ensure that the striking workers do not damage municipal property and assault employees in keeping with a court order,” Figg said.

“The police cannot stand idly by while violent assault and damage to property are the order of the day. Why does it take blood to flow for the police to act?”

He said that the party had already sent out an application to province for the deployment of the Public Order Police, adding “this should have happened long ago”.