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Student Accommodation Challenges to be dealt with in Summerstrand LSDF

JANUARY 12, 2015
Student Accommodation Challenges to be dealt with in Summerstrand LSDF

The challenges associated with student accommodation will be addressed in the Summerstrand Local Spatial Development Framework (LSDF).

A report to the Human Settlements Committee, which meets next week, indicates that the municipality intends to issue a request for proposals for the drafting of an LSDF for Summerstrand.

The LSDF, the Human Settlements Directorate points out, will “provide detailed land use proposals to guide and accommodate future developments in the Summerstrand area”.

With regard to the scope of the work, the directorate says this will include addressing “the challenges of student accommodation”.

It wants the successful tenderer to “investigate potential interventions, which would contribute to the development of a policy to guide the development and management of student accommodation policy”.

Metro Minutes reported last Friday that the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality had given notice that it had received requests from 12 property owners in Summerstrand for Council’s Special Consent to allow their properties to be used for student accommodation.

The applications have yet to be considered by the Human Settlements Committee before bring forwarded to Council for a final decision.

The scope of work for the LSDF also includes an investigation into the status of existing housing projects in the study area “as well as making proposals for the future provision of affordable or GAP housing in the area”

In addition, the successful tenderer will need to identify all land owned by the State and the municipality and investigate whether it should be retained or released for development (by means of sale or lease) and for what purpose.

Further, the scope of work for the project includes the identification of “possible interventions and strategic projects that could be undertaken to achieve the vision for the study area.” and an investigation into the servicing requirements necessary to support future planning proposals.

Another aspect involves an investigation of the existing transport routes as well as future expansion and improvement to public transport infrastructure.

The consultant will also be required to identify and ensure the protection of environmentally sensitive areas. - MetroMinutes.