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Student protest over increased fees shuts down Rhodes University

Oct 19, 2015
Student protest over increased fees shuts down Rhodes University

Rhodes University on Monday suspended learning after students embarked on an early morning protest after the university decided to increase the Minimum Initial Payment that students would have to pay before the beginning of the 2016 academic year – an amount of over R40 000.

According to Activate an student publication at the institution, the protest began at the institution's Drama Department and swept through the rest of the campus.

Protestors, woke up students from their beds calling the general student population to join in the mass demonstration.

Barricades - rubble and burning tyres, were set up at all entrances and exits on campus in order to prevent lectures from taking place. Apparently, the protesters are hoping to have the institution barricaded until the end of the week - or until such time as their demands are met.

The protest has been supported Rhode University's infamous Black Students movement and its Student Representative Council.

Rhodes University Vice Chancellor, Dr. Mabizela, along with other members of top management, were expected to meet with students to discuss their concerns at 8.30am.

Meanwhile all tests, exams, assignments and the like that were scheduled for today have been cancelled.

Last week, students at the University of the Witwatersrand also embarked on a similar protest that ended up turning violent after that university also increased fees for next year.