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Students from rural Eastern Cape bring back new experiences from trip to London

Students from rural Eastern Cape bring back new experiences from trip to London

Twelve students from Ntafufu Senior Secondary School, located in the rural community of Lusikisiki, had wonderful things to say after they returned from a trip to London in February. Their trip was organised by London-based educational exchange charity, Broaden Out Their Horizons (BOTH), and was supported by Cheapflights.

It was their first trip abroad and their first time to fly on an aeroplane.

Speaking to RNEWS, one of the teachers at Ntafufu Senior Secondary School, Yonela Ndunya, who accompanied the learners described the trip as an experience of a lifetime.

“The experience was quite unusual [but certainly exciting] well, that’s how I would describe it because it was our first time flying and to be in a big city like that,” she described.

Ndunya also said that she noticed how the teaching techniques, along with the resources they use at Ntafufu, were different from what they use in the UK.

“I noticed that they teach differently from us because they have many resources that they use to support their learners, and their level of technology is more advancedm,” she said.

In the first week, the learners along with their teachers went on a City tour where they experienced the London Eye and many adventurous places.

One of the learners, Khanya Mlambo,16, says that “the London Eye experienced was his best part of the trip.”

Also from the London trip, Chwayita Zethu Mkontwana, 17, said; “The most memorable moment apart from the London eye for her was when they were welcomed by the teachers and other learners from London.”

Mkontwana said that “the host teachers welcomed us with love and warmth that I cannot describe, I even felt like crying because of the love they showed us.”

The last day was filled with sadness as they left their hosts to return to South Africa.

Ndunya, says, “the last day at London was the most painful and sad moment ever, because the learners wanted to stay a little more.”