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Students outraged at #FeesMustFall Imbizo as President offers no solutions and leaves for Luthuli House

Students outraged at #FeesMustFall Imbizo as President offers no solutions and leaves for Luthuli House

There was apparent unhappiness from students on Monday morning after an Imbizo that was held in Kempton Park to address the current crisis facing the country’s universities, after #FeesMustFall protests led to the closure of many, did not seem to have what it takes to yield a resolution.

In attendance were stakeholders, parents, various student leaders and university Student Representative Council (SRC) leaders and staff members from across the country, who gathered in the hopes that President Jacob Zuma and the Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande, would make announcements that would end the protests .

To view what transpired at the Imbizo - follow this link.

Instead, both Blade and Zuma stood by the 8% increase, and stated that the Government does not agree with students shut down the universities and not wanting to finish the academic year.

In his address, President Zuma stated that the Fees Commission must be given time to do its job and that government and universities cannot come to a solution on their own.

After his statement, it was announced that President Zuma would not be staying for the deliberations with the various stakeholders and instead would be going to the African National Congress’ (ANC) headquarters at Luthuli House to attend to another matter.

Upon hearing this, the various student and SRC leaders rose in surprise and anger – saying that the President did even not try to provide solutions and now would not hear their thoughts on how to resolve the crisis, which was the aim of the Imbizo – so they thought.

The meeting is currently taking place, and Wits Vice-Chancellor Adam Habib, was the first to make his address on the #FeesMustFall protests.

To view what transpired during the meeting follow this link