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Stutterheim mother and farmer plead guilty to child prostition

MAY 8, 2015
Stutterheim mother and farmer plead guilty to child prostition

On Thursday, a woman from Stutterheim and a local farmer pleaded guilty to a string of child prostitution charges at the Stutterheim Magistrates Court. The woman allegedly 'offered' girls – including her daughter, to the farmer for compensation.

The pair pleaded guilty to 28 charges including sexual exploitation of a child and human trafficking for sexual purposes.

The woman‚ who cannot be named to protect her daughter’s identity‚ also pleaded guilty to charges of living and benefiting from the earnings of sexual exploitation of a child.

The farmer‚ William Knoetze (60), pleaded guilty to two counts of rape. He is a father of three‚ and he told the court that he was remorseful and wanted to apologise to the children‚ their families and the community of Stutterheim.

According to the woman‚ a 36-year-old domestic worker and mother of five‚ she was initially shocked when she was first approached by the farmer but told the court he had promised to provide for her daughter.

She also said while she was aware of what was happening‚ she did not know the details.

Magistrate Ignatius Kitching found both the woman and Knoetze guilty.

Sentencing is to follow.

–Additional reporting, RDM News Wire, Daily Dispatch