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Sub-Directorate inundated with Public Complaints about Roads

Nov 17, 2014
Sub-Directorate inundated with Public Complaints about Roads

The Roads, Stormwater and Transportation Sub-Directorate is “inundated and faced with public complaints relating to road failures such as potholes and faded road markings, which play a major part on the safety of the road network”.

A report to the Infrastructure, Engineering and Energy Committee points out that the municipal road network constitutes “a major investment” by the municipality.

As a result, “best practices” are employed by the municipality “to ensure that the roads are maintained in an economic, cost-effective and efficient manner”.

The report states that maintenance decisions are “based on sound information and data,” and that an asset register has been developed and maintained in which “the maintenance history and associated costs” are recorded on an ongoing basis.

It explains that the maintenance efforts is divided into two sections with one carrying out day-to-day routine and emergency maintenance “to keep the network safe, operational and functional,” and includes pothole repairs, crack sealing, base failure repairs and road markings.

The second section deals with “planned cyclical maintenance/refurbishment,” which is executed on a five to 10 year cycle “depending on condition rating”.

The goal, it adds, is to “bring the particular road back to its design standard after deterioration,” which includes reseals, rutting repairs and asphalt overlays. - MetroMinutes.


Photo courtesy of www.tomsutcliffe.co.za