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Suits & Sneakers returns 16 November 2016

Oct 24, 2016
Suits & Sneakers returns 16 November 2016

Suits & Sneakers is fast becoming South Africa’s most anticipated event, a crossroads for influencers, business icons and those at the forefront of culture to tackle pressing issues, learn from emerging trends and transformation in society.

Technology is transforming the world at mind-boggling speed. Artificial intelligence is expected to be in full swing by 2030, making the average employee obsolete within the next 14 years…

Join us for the most challenging, comprehensive and fully interactive Suits & Sneakers seminar yet, as we guide the modern-day employee through the importance of self-development and to remain relevant in an unpredictable workplace by unlocking their entrepreneurial spirit.

Our aim is to equip every employee with the tools needed to unlock their initiative and broaden their potential on their career journey.

Founded by Mark Sham, Suits & Sneakers celebrates it fourth major seminar in three years. Sham is an entrepreneur whose passion is human development. A public speaker by nature, he’s been tackling topics that talk to the soul of South Africa and Suits & Sneakers does exactly that.

A "human development" concept, these events follow the popular TED talks model from the USA and allows speakers to touch on any topic they choose from a thought leadership perspective.

Most people want to help, they just don't always know how. Sham has made it simple for you. You can join and it wont cost a cent. “There is enormous power in numbers and if we do this together, we could create a real change,” he says.

“This is why the people have become obsessed with the concept. It represents a chance to change the world around us. We have speakers doing their best to teach you something new from an informal learning perspective. That means no boring powerpoint presentations or classroom-style teaching.”