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SUMMER BODY SCULPTURING: Try non-surgical fat reduction at Fat Freeze Clinic

SUMMER BODY SCULPTURING: Try non-surgical fat reduction at Fat Freeze Clinic

With spring and summer just around corner, I was looking for an easy and effective way to shed a few kilos gained through this past winter. Fortunately, I stumbled upon a treatment that is gaining popularity among women wanting to get into shape without going into the operating theatre.

I was surprised that The Fat Freeze Clinic, which is situated at the King’s Court Shopping Centre, in Walmer Heights, Port Elizabeth, has been providing this non-invasive fat reducing treatment, aptly called Fat Freezing, since 2005.

The treatment uses a cold therapy method known as cryolipolysis to permanently remove fat cells without surgery. Unlike laser liposuction, which tries to melt the fat, a hand piece is placed on the area to be treated, such as the stomach or love handles, and two plates on either side drop the temperature to a degree cold enough to freeze the fat cells, without causing any damage to the skin.

Once the fat cells are frozen, over time they go through a controlled process wherein they crystallise, die, and are flushed out of the system. Each session takes about 30 minutes and you often only need one treatment.  

Upon my arrival, I met with owner, Hilda Stroebel, whose broad knowledge about health, dieting, beauty and wellness immediately made me feel comfortable and relaxed. In fact, I was so relaxed that I even managed to get some afternoon shuteye in.

I noticed that unlike surgery, where there is an immediate noticeable change, cryolipolysis is more of a gradual process as the frozen fat crystals will need to break down and leave the body. You may also need a few follow-up sessions if you are in a hurry to get thinner – but depending on your water intake, eating and exercise habits, visual changes are most evident only three weeks into the treatment.

Cryolipolysis is ideal for the person who is generally physically fit, but perhaps with a couple of bulges in the wrong places that they'd like taken care of, and for whom regular diets and exercises don’t work. What I loved about it is that there is no pain, no anaesthesia, no needles, no downtime and no lengthy recovery – it is almost a natural way to losing weight. Now that is my kind of ‘cosmetic surgery’!

As I write this review, I cannot believe how a simple procedure has transformed my body. I just cannot wait for summer! To find out more about this treatment, visit Shop 23C, Kings Court Shopping Centre in Walmer, PE, or call 041 368 9816 or visit www.thefatfreezeclinic.co.za.


Photo Caption: Fat Freeze Clinic helps you lose weight without surgery. Photo courtesy of www.dealzone.co.za