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Summerstrand Hotel to host special Senior Citizen of the Year 2016 gala

Summerstrand Hotel to host special Senior Citizen of the Year 2016 gala

With the 1st of October falling on a Saturday this year, the Summerstrand Hotel will be hosting a special Senior Citizen of the Year (SCOTY) Gala Luncheon on the day in commemoration of the International Day of the Elderly.

SCOTY has been run by the Golden Oldies fund raising Club since 2012, with winners announced in three age categories - 70-79 years, 80-89 years, 90 and over, with special mentions in the 100 over age group. There is also a prize for the overall winner.

This competition first started in Port Elizabeth and because of the impact this competition has had Cape Town has also started their own SCOTY award competition.

Celeste van der Walt, who heads the committee for the award, was the first winner in 2012 and she believes this competition has great importance for the senior citizens of Port Elizabeth.

“The reason why this competition is important, I think, is the fact that people are living much longer now. And we need to inspire them and encourage them to remain active, and add value to the world around them,” she told journalists at a media event held at the GFI Gallery along Park Drive, PE.

This award aims to inspire the elderly to contribute to their local community and stay active during their retirement. They hope to bridge the gap between the youth and senior citizens by inspiring the youth to gain wisdom and experience from their seniors.

“The importance of SCOTY’s competition is to show appreciation for people who still add value, who share their expertise, their stories, share the tricks of the trade. You know if you’re very good at something and you can actually pass the knowledge on to generations to come, can you imagine that information plus what they collect along the way, that is very valuable” said Celeste.

This event is also aimed at recognising and honouring the contributions the senior citizens make by volunteering their time and effort by making a difference in their communities.

The criteria required in order to be considered for the award, is anybody who is over the age of seventy, who remains active and make a contribution and are involved in the community.

Judging will take place on 15 September at the GFI Gallery, and the Gala Luncheon will be on 1 October at the Summerstrand Hotel.

For further details about the award and SCOTY entries, contact Juanita Krauspe via email on: [email protected] or call:041 503 4400 or 083 2633200.