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Summit Builders behind the alluring new Lifestyle Centre in Addo

Summit Builders behind the alluring new Lifestyle Centre in Addo

While they were previously accustomed to working on small to medium-size building and renovation projects, for both residential and commercial clients, Port Elizabeth-based contractor, Summit Builders, recently proved that no peak is too high for them after they were tasked with the design and construction of a new Lifestyle Centre in Addo. 

“My first thought was, seeing that the area was a tourist Mecca, an attractive thatch roof building would achieve the client’s brief, to create an iconic landmark, just 10km from the Addo Elephant National Elephant Park,” described Etienne Hurter, founding member of Summit Builders.

Hurter has around 40 years’ experience in design, 28 years in construction, and has been a member of the Master Builders & Allied Industries Association (MBA) for 27 years.

“Natural elements, including thatch, wood, and stone were used to complement the immediate environment, and to create a building that is truly eye-catching,” he further elaborated.

The project began in 2015 and lasted 14 months.

“I took a trip to the Western Cape to investigate stone mason work. Eventually, we imported 130 tonnes of ‘Overberg slate’ and employed an expert, hand-picked stone mason team from there. We also re-used approximately 300 Sneeze wood fence poles that was sourced locally, and recycled old Oregon pine for the bar counter and cupboards.”

Specialists, Lucas Quality Thatchers, from Somerset West, was sub-contracted to do the roof and pergolas and were involved on the project from the design stage.

“They used 12.5km of ‘latte’ for the pergolas; 5.7km of ‘latte’ for the roof; 3.5km of roof poles; +/-80m3 of timber in total and 70 000 bundles of thatch. Earlier this year, they received praise after they entered the project in an annual roofing competition as their project of the year,” Hurter said.

“The challenge that was set out now turned out to be a flagship project.”

Lucas Quality Thatchers has since won a Media Award for their work on the project.

Hurter said that the company’s commitment to delivering high standards was how they were able to meet the client’s brief on this project.

“It is passion and dedication that enables Summit Builders to provide turnkey solutions, and give personal attention to detail, regardless of the size or nature of the project,” he added.

Summit Builders has been in operation since 1988. They also specialise in turnkey project management and are proud longstanding MBA members.

The company is currently also developing a private school near Port Elizabeth.

To find out about Summit Builders, call 082 487 0348 or email [email protected] or visit www.summitbuilders.co.za