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Superb comfort to be found in Lexus ES250

By Graeme Lund - Sep 11, 2018
Superb comfort to be found in Lexus ES250

The smoothest drive

The Lexus ES 250 is the smoothest driving car I have ever had the pleasure of taking to the road. Think 1000 percale sheets, single malt whiskey or your chin after your barber has given you a straight razor shave.

In true Lexus style it is also incredibly quiet. The sheer comfort of being behind the wheel of the Lexus ES 250 is noticeable from the minute the wheels start turning. It is pure pleasure driving this car.

Lexus ES 250 – simplicity and style

Unlike some of its competitors it does not offer a massive range of features. You do not need to study the manual for a week to understand all that the ES 250 has to offer. Much like the stylish analogue clock on the dashboard, this vehicle is a little retro in its design and features.

All the essentials that you would expect in a luxury vehicle are there – cruise control to blue tooth to reverse camera. And they are easy to use. The infotainment centre is as uncomplicated as a good night’s sleep.

However, this car is not attempting to out gadget its competition, in fact it is offering simplicity. There is no ground breaking but untested technology. Everything in this car has been around for a couple of years. Nothing is going to stop working.

You can simply get in your car and drive in style and comfort. Glenmorangie in a crystal tumbler – no ice and no soda needed.

Performance – understated but powerful

The interior is incredible spacious and even a tall adult will feel comfortable in the rear seats.

As a family car, you don’t get much safer thanks to the 10 airbags, ABS, VCS, HAC and a host of other systems.

For a corporation you get understated excellence, reliability, longevity and good trade in value.

The 2.5 litre petrol engine produces 135 kW and 235 N.m of torque. This translates into a top speed of 207 km/h and 0-100 in 9.7 seconds. Fuel efficiency is a proven 8l/100km.

In town or on the open road the ES 250 will cope with all that South African roads will throw at it and still keeps its composure.

To test drive the Lexus ES 250 call Ofentse Boloko on 041 393 2000 or visit LEXUS Port Elizabeth / Algoa Toyota on the corner of Willow Road and Circular Drive.